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From Struggling with Anxiety, Outbursts and Sleep to Calm, Sleeping Great and Making New Friends

Before chiropractic care, Vinny’s mom said, “My child was experiencing intense social anxiety, emotional outbursts, and trouble sleeping. He also needed an immune system boost.

It honestly felt like I was failing. No mother wants to admit she can’t be the source of calm for her child. The storm was inside of him, and I couldn’t reach it. He needed more. We tried different parenting approaches…timeouts, gentle parenting, positive reinforcement, etc. Everything we could think of…”

But even though nothing seemed to help they never gave up hope and continued to look for more answers like the amazing parents they are. When they found chiropractic, everything changed.. Mom said, “Chiropractic care was a whole new ball game for us. We had never considered adjustments to be anything more than fixing sore necks and backs, but we went to a Perfect Storm seminar, and we were hooked.

A couple of months in is when it really clicked. Vinny went 3 times a week before he graduated to maintenance, and his improvements were obvious. The first things to improve were his sleep and immune system. Then slowly but surely he was able to gain the self regulation necessary to help fight his anxiety.

He was actually diagnosed with Autism earlier this year, but we like to focus on treating Vinny as Vinny. Vinny is thriving in third grade! He has several new friends for the first time in his life, and he is happy every day! He is much easier to calm down when something overwhelms him, and we bring him in for extra boosts when we know he has a triggering event coming up.He’s happy, and he’s healthy. He’s also the best sleeper I’ve ever met in my life.

That’s all we can hope for as parents”

Go Vinny! We’re so proud of you buddy. Way to stick through the struggles and thrive on the other side.

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