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From Impulsiveness and Anxiety to Improved Self-awareness and Rocking School

Logan is his name, and hockey is his game! 

When Logan first started coming in for chiropractic care, he was having some back pain from dominating the hockey rink. But in addition to that, he was often anxious and impulsive and had a very difficult time calming down. At the time, he was on medications for ADHD and wasn’t able to focus well during school or sit still during church.

His neurological scans showed that the stress on his nervous system went far deeper than just his back pain. His nervous system was hardwired in stress mode, which kept his brain feeling very noisy and unable to focus. With ADHD, this is like trying to do your homework while having a whole stadium of screaming fans in your head.


Logan and his amazing family committed to care with an All-IN attitude to get him the help he needed and never looked back (Well… they did but only to see how far he’s come)

Now, Logan's body is adapting to life so much better and is able to calm down much easier. Mom and dad say he is more self-aware and able to express himself better, and they’ve been able to cut his ADHD medications in HALF. He has also been rocking school, getting all A’s and B’s, all while growing and thriving in a busy schedule with sports. Go, Logan!

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