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From Having Trouble Regulating Emotions to Ability to Self Regulate and Adapt to Life

Henry is an awesome, baseball   loving young man who like SO many other kiddos during these stressful times was having a hard time regulating his emotions.

His parents started noticing it for over a year, but the build up of stress in 2020 (e-learning, lack of in person social connection, and less active outlets)  overwhelmed him to the point where he was triggered more easily, angry outbursts became more frequent, and it took him a lot longer to cool down.

Think of a water bottle that’s already ¾ of the way full, [don’t worry it’s not another math equation you have to help your kids solve] When you keep pouring more into an already full bottle.. eventually it will overfill and become too much for the water bottle to handle .

Keep pouring outside stress into an already stressed nervous system  in our kiddos and it will become too much for them to handle just the same, and the kids will have a much harder time adapting to even small stressors, inconveniences, and changes in their life.                                                                                                                        

At first, Henry’s neurological scans showed that his body had a lot of built up stress in his nervous system… which made him “overflow” with emotions, and be much less adaptable when things didn’t go his way.  But, after absolutely knocking his commitment to the care plan OUT OF THE PARK.  His scans showed his body was able to “pour out” a lot of the stress, self-regulate, and adapt to life so much better.


Now, Mom reports a big improvement in his ability to handle emotional stress, and improvement in focus and concentration as well. She says family life is better and Henry overall has a better mood, being less negative and unhappy. GO HENRY! We could not be more proud of this guy.

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