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Success Stories

This is where we shine a light on stories of inspiration and hope! It's the reason parents have decided to open up and share their children trumps. These stories reflect the resilience in overcoming a wide range of challenges, including autism, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, anxiety, asthma, allergies, chronic ear infections, and much more.

Grace - Colic

From Constant Crying and Inconsolable to Peaceful and Comfortable


From Major Meltdowns and Sleep Challenges to Smiling Ear to Ear and Sleeping Through the Night

Adi Seasonal Allergies Testimonial

From Sick All the Time to Kicking the Sick Fast and Thriving

Emma Horse

From Inability to Walk Unassisted to Walking on Her Own, Riding a Bike and Swimming

Joey - Meltdowns

From Meltdowns and Tantrums to Regulated Emotions and Calm

Logan - Sensory Processing

From Sensory Processing Storm to Happier, Relaxed, and Regulated

Pai - Motor Milestones Patient Testimonial

From No Sleep, Stiff and “Strong” To Sleeping and Hitting Milestones in the Right Order

Millie - Flat Spot

From a Flat Spot and Challenges with Movement to a 

Perfectly Shaped Head and Easy Movement

Logan - Anxiety

From Impulsiveness and Anxiety to Improved Self-awareness and Rocking School

Maddie - Vomits

From Vomiting When Traveling to Enjoying a 5 Hour Car Trip Without Getting Sick

Henry - Emotional Stress

From Having Trouble Regulating Emotions to Ability to Self Regulate and Adapt to Life

Isla - Torticollis and Plagiocephaly

From Torticollis and Plagiocephaly to No Helmet Needed and Full Range of Motion

Vinny - Anxiety, Outbursts and Sleep

From Struggling with Anxiety, Outbursts and Sleep to Calm, Sleeping Great and Making New Friends

Jamie - Postpartum Healing

From Survival Mode, Stress, and Back Pain to Improved Moods, Energy, and Sleep

Mauricio - Speaking

From Zero Speaking, to Exploding Vocabulary and Thriving in School

Viviana - Constipation, Trouble Sleeping, and Eczema

From Constipation, Trouble Sleeping, and Eczema to Pooping Regularly, Better Sleep, and Improved Eczema

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