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From Torticollis and Plagiocephaly to No Helmet Needed and Full Range of Motion

From favoring one side and struggling with movement to meeting her milestones. Read mom’s story of how baby Isla is on the move! 

“Isla had a side preference from birth. She always looked to her left and had trouble lifting her chin from her chest. She had trouble eating as a newborn and struggled with movement early on. The side preference resulted in a flat spot on one side of her head.

We had so many appointments with little direction or progress. At 2 months our pediatrician referred us to a physical therapist for torticollis. The PT then referred us for a helmet. We noticed physical therapy wasn’t helping with the range of motion Isla needed to lift and turn her head, so we started doing our own research on torticollis and plagiocephaly while going through the process of getting fitted for a helmet. Our research led to Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care. They would work to fix the root of the problem. While physical therapy did help, a helmet would have been a short-term fix if Isla could not move her head and neck.

We noticed a change in Isla’s movements after our first visit. She fell asleep in her car seat after her first adjustment, and her head wasn’t leaning to the left. She was also able to lift her chin from her chest while she was having a bottle.

Isla was supposed to get her helmet the week she started at chiropractic care, but due to unforeseen circumstances (a snowstorm Christmas weekend and a case of Covid), there was a delay in getting her helmet, and it had to be remade. After the scans for her new helmet were reviewed, it was decided that she no longer needed the helmet. This was after 5 adjustments! The adjustments gave her the range of motion she needed to round out her head as she grew.


Isla has progressed with each adjustment and is able to move her head in both directions. She is meeting her developmental milestones early and would not be where she is today without chiropractic care!” 

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