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From Major Meltdowns and Sleep Challenges to Smiling Ear to Ear and Sleeping Through the Night

After feeling hopeless and like they were failing, Aria’s incredible parents kept fighting to help their little girl thrive past major meltdowns, sensory overload, and sleep challenges. Read what mom has to say about her little girl getting her grin back!

“Prior to chiropractic treatment, our little girl was completely different. She was not a happy little girl. She refused to be in unfamiliar places with unfamiliar people surrounding her. Every time we tried to go out, we would do so nervously because we knew what may be coming – meltdown after meltdown. It was so hard to see her that way. 

Aria also never slept through the night. Nighttimes were dreaded because we knew it was going to be a hard night and exhausting. Doctors kept telling us to “let her cry it out”, “walk away,” and family members insisted she was “spoiled.” As her parents, we always knew there was more to it. 

After chiropractic care, we truly can say we couldn’t be more blessed. 🙏🏻 Aria is definitely a happier little, sweet girl. We are astounded to see such a huge positive difference in her personality. She went from screaming and crying when anyone greeted her to smiling ear to ear, happily greeting anyone that came her way. Her sleeping has improved so much. We can say we finally get a full night’s rest, and nobody wakes up crabby the next day. 

Also, her speech has come such a long way. She is now beginning to speak in full sentences. It is just amazing what our PX Docs have done for us. Every single doctor and tech is amazing! We wouldn’t change anything if we could.” 

Go, Aria, Go! We love watching that ear-to-ear smile light up the whole room when you walk in!

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