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From Constipation, Trouble Sleeping, and Eczema to Pooping Regularly, Better Sleep, and Improved Eczema

My kid is constipated, call the…. CHIRO?

Yes, the chiro! Pediatric chiropractors know how to hit the “poop button” and get things moving. Sound too easy? Maybe at first glance. But when you can connect the dots as to WHY your kiddo is struggling with constipation, the answer to help them makes so much more sense. 

For Viviana’s family, this was exactly the case.  Vivianna came in struggling with constipation, sleeping, and eczema. What seemed like 3 very unrelated challenges all tied back to Viviana’s nervous system and digestive system being STRESSED from baby on…

She was extremely colicky as a baby and could never sleep – which means her body was stuck on the gas pedal and unable to get to the brake pedal –  aka rest and digest mode (where all the magic happens, poop & sleep). So when she “grew out of” the colic, she grew into constipation, eczema, and other challenges.

After trying different probiotics, supplements and every lotion under the sun, they just couldn’t seem to kick it. Mom said they felt completely defeated and burnt out UNTIL they found chiropractic care and started connecting the dots as to what was the root cause.  Mom said, “at first, I felt guilty we had not come and helped her sooner, but now I am so happy we helped her” 

They knew chiropractic was working when Viviana was going to the bathroom consistently without straining, and little by little, the eczema was fading (because her body was detoxing properly through her digestive tract). Overall, she was more calm, sleeping better, and even had way better coordination!

Now, mom says, “Viviana is almost 2, and she’s happy & flourishing! She’s almost completely eczema free, she walks with balance, and I can see the shift of calm that has come over her. She was running hard on all ends 3 months ago. She can enjoy any food now without worry and fear of struggle and constipation.”


You go, girl! We are so thrilled for this amazing family who would do anything and everything for their little ones to thrive… including calling the chiro!

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