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From Constant Ear Infections to No More Ear Infections!

No more ear infections for Luca! Read how this amazing momma gained the confidence that Luca’s body can heal and fight through illness like a boss! 

“Before chiropractic care, Luca would get an ear infection every time he got sick. At one point, he had 5 ear infections in 4 months.

I felt so bad that he would wake up in the night screaming in pain, and even after going on antibiotics, it would clear up the infection just to come back again with the next cold or virus that came along. He was on antibiotics back to back for months, and I knew that wasn’t good for him long term.

Our pediatrician suggested going to an ENT for tubes in his ears or some other sort of surgery, but I didn’t want to go that route if I could avoid it. After hearing about pediatric chiropractic, I reached out to see if chiropractic care could help with recurrent ear infections. From my first call with a care advocate, I felt like my concerns were heard and that they had seen many kids just like Luca in their office. I felt hopeful that they would be able to help.

When I saw Luca’s scans, I was shocked to see how much of him was “in the red.” When the meaning behind the scans was explained to me, it made total sense why his body wasn’t able to fight off these ear infections easily.

Since we started chiropractic care, Luca has not had a single ear infection. Of course, he still gets sick like most kids do (especially preschoolers!), but the colds never turn into ear infections, and he also seems to be able to get over the illnesses quicker. I believe that his overall immune system is stronger as he has experienced less frequent illnesses since we have been doing consistent chiropractic care. When we do catch something, a couple of extra boosts get us over the hump and back to good health quickly!


Luca did not grow a lot in the past year, and part of it was due to his body always working overtime to fight all of these ear infections. He is now eating and growing better! He is an overall happier and healthier kid, and when he does get sick, I feel confident that I have ways to help his body heal quicker so I don’t have that fear that he will wake up screaming in the night with sore ears anymore!” GO LUCA!! 

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